Modified Ketogenic Diet for Autoimmune Disease


Do you have or know anyone with an Autoimmune Disease?

Today, almost every chronic illness can be traced back to some immune dysfunction. Right down to the mitochondrial level.

Many times the causes for autoimmunity are multifactorial and complicated.

Nutrition is certainly one key player in both the aetiology and management of autoimmune disease.

Below, after many hours of reading dozens of research papers, I’ve put together a factsheet on a modified ketogenic diet for the treatment of autoimmune disease.

It covers the basics of the diet, its mechanisms and benefits. Unfortunately, there are too many autoimmune diseases and too little money to be made from treating it with diet (vs pharmaceuticals). Hence, there is generally a lack of good studies such as intervention trials.

Nonetheless, the mechanisms of how a ketogenic diet may benefit autoimmunity is sound and convincing in my opinion.

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Additionally, here…

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Worry, Less.


That’s my message for you today.

In my experience, worry is unproductive and unneccessary.

Even detrimental at times.

Why place more stress onto yourself by worrying?

Can you be truly happy? or healthy? … if you worry?

Wait, first, what is worry?

How often do you worry?

Over money?

Job and financial security?

Do you worry over other’s opinions?

What they ‘think’ of you?

Do you worry about your workload?

Or expectations you place on yourself?

Have you ever asked yourself:

“Why am I worrying?”


“Is it even necessary … to worry?

So worry, less.


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Eating for your Mental Health


This week in our nutrition class, we covered nutritional interventions for Mental Health. It turns out there is so much you can do, nutritionally, to improve your mental health. And this doesn’t just apply to people with conditions like depression, anxiety or insomnia.

I was so fascinated by these tables that I thought I’d share them for anyone interested in nutrition and cognitive function!

Cornah, D., Van de Weyer, C., Longfield, J., Richardson, C., & Ryrie, I. (2006). Feeding minds. London: Mental Health Foundation.
– This is a fantastic document by the way. If you’re interested in the field of mental health, you will learn so much from this!

Here’s also a short TedTalk on the wonders of nutrition in mental health:

Have you had any improvements in your mental health from nutritional changes? Do share!

Stay healthy,

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